Search results similar to Firefox

Firefox has the ability to search tabs and browsing history directly from the address bar by adding ^ or % to the beginning of the search.

How to get a similar feature or modify Brave to do the same thing as Firefox?

Here’s the official link to the search feature from Firefox:

Add ^ to show only matches in your browsing history.
Add * to show only matches in your bookmarks.
Add + to show only matches in bookmarks you've tagged.
Add % to show only matches in your currently open tabs.
Add # to show only matches where every search term is part of the title or part of a tag.
Add $ to show only matches where every search term is part of the web address (URL). The text “https://” or “http://” in the URL is ignored, but not “file:///”.
Add ? to show only search suggestions.```

I’m not aware of any shortcuts for this to happen via the address bar, but there is something right next to the address bar to do this. I’m not sure if this might work for you?

On the top of the browser, you would see something like image… The image is for tab search. If you don’t see that, you may have to turn it on at brave://settings/appearance


Clicking it would have you something like below:

If you go to brave://settings/searchEngines you’ll see a lot of things listed. One of them is History and it shows that the default bang is @History. It can’t be edited and might make you think has no option. But if you go to Add for Site Search you can fill out information like below:


And to make it easier on you, you’d put brave://history/?q=%s for the query

The above would allow you to do exactly as you mentioned, where ^ would tell it to search History and then you can type what you want. So in the below, I had hit ^ and then space, to which point it defaulted to Search History and had me type what I want.


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