Search results show US dollar prices

Search results show prices in US dollars. The answers I did find show what seem to be out of date screens or simply do not work. I have checked all settings I can find and they are English/United Kingdom.
Since posting I have found this happens regardless of the search engine selected in Brave.

Well, USD is the global default currency.

Ha ha!

Does anyone have a useful answer?

You want a useful reply, give details. An example. Perhaps a screenshot of what you mean. You’re too vague.

“Search results” of what? what are you typing in? You said they’re in English. As opposed to what language? Are you set to local results or global? Did you include the acronym for the currency you want?

UK English (the franchise holder) as opposed to US English (the franchisee) :slight_smile:

All my settings are for UK English, UK region etc.

If I search on flights between two UK cities I need the price in £ sterling.

I have uploaded an image, that seems to be the only way to include it.

Is that sufficient? If not specifically what else please?

Ran a UK only test with Quick Settings adjusted as well. It seems, the websites themselves (Kayak, SkyScanner, Expedia, etc.) will change the currency automatically once you select one to visit with a potential order.

Bravery will otherwise show USD as the default when aggregating data via AI (for reasons previously explained). Kind of like the use of Aviation English.

Yes the sites themselves do show UK prices. Again I should have been clearer, I was referring specifically to the top one as shown in the image.

Yes, Quick Settings is being applied to search results but Brave AI is aggregating its summary in USD (likely per many website defaults) not GBP. Good luck and enjoy Wimbledon, rain delays notwithstanding.

So nothing can be changed. That’s a shame as all other browsers manage to produce local currency results at that point. Thanks for looking.