Search results return abusive content (IBSA, NCP)

How can victims of non-consensual image-based sexual abuse (AKA “revenge porn” or “non-consensual pornography”) report to Brave that its search results link to abusive webpages?

@yp45 use the feedback option that’s available when you do searches.

The feedback option does not seem to allow link-specific removal requests for image-based sexual abuse, nor does it offer any kind of ticketing that will report back to the user Brave’s progress on the issue submitted.

@yp45 hitting it pulls this:


So you would put Something is wrong and then provide details where it says `Comments or suggestions?

This is the step that has been requested by the person in charge of Brave Search

The option I’m giving is more if you’re just seeing websites and all you think shouldn’t be listed. Other things you can try, especially if you’re somehow affected, would be to email

You could potentially open a ticket at though this support ticket link is generally for paid services. The most appropriate way to contact anyone from Search is to use the Feedback option as I stated in the first reply.