Search results from wrong countries

I have my search set for the United States and the results are frequently for other countries… seemingly more so in fact.

A basic search for push connect fittings yields results predominantly from Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Outside of selecting my search area I don’t see any additional fix.

@RSR Could you do a favor and screenshot some examples to share here? I’m wanting to see if it reflects United States for area, but also to see search term and what results you’re getting.

That aside, one of the other things you can do to make sure the Search Team is able to see anything is to provide Feedback to them. When you complete a Search, there’s a Feedback button. You can see it in screenshot below:

Of course, you see my region was set for All Regions. I typed in Australia for no real reason, just to generate a search term, lol.

Thanks for the suggestion. I could not recreate the exact searches I did because I didn’t look through my history.

That’s said here’s what I was seeing only now it’s showing Canada, UK, etc.

Ok, so I was able to look and I see what you’re talking about. The issue is in Image search, not on regular though, at least for me.


On that I see a range of countries. Some from Italy, Canada, etc. I’m guessing the mix is because it’s just looking for pictures, not looking for sites and all in your area.


In comparison, when I went to All where it links to websites, all of those were to United States.

Is it the same situation for you?

Yes that’s what I find. The search results for a regular search are often repetitive/inadequate when searching parts (most browsers) so an image search is better but doesn’t help when a significant number aren’t following the search parameters set forth.

Regular searchs are generally more interested in a select ground of box stores or Wikipedia garbage.

This is very much an issue…

The whole page is results from everywhere but the US. Back to Bing I suppose.

Thank you all for reporting.
The Search team is aware of this particular issue and is being looked at presently. Checking to see if there is an open issue for this on our Github or if it needs to be created.

Thank you.

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