Search platform outperformance optimization

To the search.brave team

  • search is a matter of ‘practical use text/image/video’
  • quality is no matter of practical use
  • it’s no matter of personalization, because practical use is no different between two individuals
  • primary, a search result directly displays the image / part of video/web page’s text that describes that is of practical use
  • as the results are unspecified content, a search result’s text is not limited to directly displaying a maximum character count
  • forget google directly displaying a maximum amount of characters on a search result
  • unspecified video plays back directly
  • secondary, a search result displays a hittable link
  • tertiary, practicality can be a matter of such as ‘country’/‘city’ (for example, when searching for a store on a consumer product (and so something of practical use), ‘affordability’ is dependent on whether a store is from the same such as country/city)

To the search.brave team
(In case I hadn’t shared these) In case the Brave team blames ‘search algorithm’

And some other possibly useful links

Shoppers buy for instant gratification

Also, search.brave needs to remove dead domain names. The below are two examples

Also, to the search.brave team, and again, nobody wants ‘re-surfacing’. People already can search (google images).
Brave, ask yourself: how is it you want ‘to gratify’? Instead of lacking ambition, create a search platform.
Primary, and again, is ‘web (text) page result practical use context’. (Direct image/video are secondary on ‘practical use’.)

Performance-wise, search.brave is awful.
More examples of dead web pages/domain names

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