Search in address bar only gives results in YouTube, not the web


Laptop with Windows 10. When I do a search in the address bar it only shows the results on YouTube.
I did a re-install and check preferences. My default browser is Brave, but it acts like YouTube is my default browser. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Hi @shiwanokia,

You can set your default search engine in Preferences/Settings > Search. Clicking on the search engine list there will set that search engine as your default.

Hope that can help.


Tried that already doesn’t help. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


What is your default search engine that set on Preferences > Search? Did type :d brave in address bar also give you results in YouTube?


Thanks eljuno. It took me to duckduckgo with search results - success! BUT it included “brave” in the search term which skewed the search results. My Preferences are set to Brave. Not sure what to do.


What is your setting in Preferences > Search? Is it look like this (see screenshot)?
If yes, it mean your default search engine is YouTube. That’s why it only give you results from YouTube.

You can click other search engine and it will set that as your default. See record below:

That’s using Engine Go Key. :d will open DuckDuckGo and brave is the search term. You can use different term that combine with Engine Go Key.

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