Search history and cookies on mobile

im using brave - nightly on my mobile, and i have a problem with the settings because i have not found a way to delete search history automatically when i close the browser but keep me logged into websites. It’s annoying to login to everything every time i open the browser and i wan’t to go into my gmail or steam or something else. This is possible on pc so why is it not available on mobile. :smiley:

There are a few ways around this. One is to go to the search engine(s) you use, open the Shields panel and ensure the Forget me when I close this site option is toggled “on”. This way, once you perform your search, close the tab and all that data will be deleted, but only from that site.

Alternatively, if the only sites you need to wipe every time are these search engines, you could just use a Private window for those searches.

Thanks for the suggestions they’re good and perfectly valid, but i still don’t understand why the option is on pc but not on mobile :smiley:

Both of the above options are available on mobile.