Search Errors: (Gives correct website to find the info but not correct info summary)

When asking for the size of where a robotic arm is attached to the robot, in the documentation referred to as its footprint, no matter how I phrase the question, even using the word footprint, the search engine AI would only give me the reaching radius for the robot arm instead of the size of the mounting base as asked for. Even though the first website with documentation gives me the correct answer it is worrying that the AI for the search engine cannot identify all the key words required to give a precise answer, though it is doing a good job for finding the most important websites. More people need to test edge cases where a detail that should be able to be found about a product but is not what is usually advertised about the product can be searched and if the brave search engine is able to use context to determine where to send the user to find the answer and help them determine what is the technical term a data sheet would use when discussing the thing there looking for.

TLDR: Search engine can find info on a product but is not smart enough to parse important details about the product if it is not an immediate advertising point.