Search engine selection to help people stop and think before searching instead of using whatever the default is set to

I can think of a number of ways to help people stop and think before selecting a search engine because, as much as I would always like to use the Brave beta to support Brave search, sometimes I still unfortunately want to use Google or DuckDuck go. Yes, we can type the search engine site URL into our search bar to get what we want but my idea will hopefully make users more likely to use Brave search or any other search except Google since a decision is being made.

So, here are my ideas for resolving this,

  1. When a new tab is opened there are x labels and x text fields to enter search criteria depending upon which search engine you want to use for that particular search. I didn’t search to see if an extension exists for something like this. I suppose I should

  2. I like that the UI shows what search engine I’m using when I’m entering my search into the URL bar BUT it would be great if I could change that on the fly by clicking the icon next to the search bar that is defining what search engine I’m using so I can select a different one instead.

  3. When opening a new tab, a pop-up comes to select which search engine to use. Probably this should be optional as we know everyone hates pop-ups. For myself, I might use for some time to get myself in the habit to stop and think and hopefully give the least amount of traffic that I can.