Search Engine and Autocomplete Issue


Under Search Engine, the Private Window option is useless as everything uses the Normal Window option. In addition, when using the Google search engine, under Appearance, the Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar choice is disregarded and will make suggestions anyway, thus being pointless to turn off.

Brave Version:
1.45.123 and 1.45.127

I am not seeing this behavior. You tagged this as both Windows and Linux but I tried in both and the feature seems to work as expected. Are you using any extensions that are allowed in Private windows?

Does this help? Search bar suggestions - Confused - #4 by JimB1

I am not on Windows at the moment, so I cannot retest there. However, I reinstalled Arch Linux along with the current (1.45.127) Brave binary release. I do not use extensions. These issues are present there.

  1. The Private Window option does not function. The Normal Window option is used for both the Normal Window and the Private Window.

  2. When the Google search engine is used, previous searches are shown in the search bar. It is not correlated with the the Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar functionality (although it would intuitively be under the Browsing History checkbox).

Could you perhaps mention which operating systems and version(s) of Brave you used that you did not have these issues with? I had installed Windows 10 22H2 and Arch Linux with 1.45.123 on both operating systems and 1.45.127 on just Arch Linux. Also, I don’t think the link you provided is related to the second issue; that link just mentions that the Top sites checkbox suggests popular sites when enabled.