Search by google in brave

Hi everyone, I have some problem with Brave.
This is the page when I search something in Google

But after 1-2 seconds, It’s become this:

And it automatically added, I have tried it with another browser and it doesn’t look like this. Sorry for my bad english.

Test with a fresh user profile. Follow the instructions below to create a new user profile.

If you don’t want to change your user profile, try out other Search Engines like the new Brave Search Beta… They work fine too

Trying to find out what’s causing the modification of results, changing the search engine doesn’t show us the answer. If there is an issue within his user profile, changing the search engine won’t resolve the issue.

It could have been a Virus of some sort… They are basically there to redirect you to a specific result in this case it is JAVA. Which is very dumb, but still I think he has some problem in his browser…
The perfect way would be to wither create a new profile or the best option is to just reinstall Brave. Changing Search Engine doesn’t do anything I know but there is a small chance that the Virus works only in Google, so I asked him to change the Search Engine.

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Hey dude, programming is pretty chill, you just should learn Java or something XDDD

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Finally, I know it from my extension installed in my browser, but also thanks for your help.


Glad we could help you.

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