SEARCH BUG: Redirect to localhost:6571/about/home/#panel=0

When using search the respective website is not loaded.

First, the url bar shows the url including the search query

Then, after a short while, the url bar is empty, and the title in tab mode is localhost:6571/about/home/#panel=0

Then, after some time, the request times out with NSURLErrorDomain

  • Happens in both private and normal mode
  • Deletion of all private data does not help
  • Rebooting the phone helps for some time, then issue occurs again

Using: iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.4, Brave 1.22.2 (

Could not solve the problem yet. Tested some further things:

  • Reinstalling brave app does not help
  • Error only occurs with Google (not with DuckDuckGo, Startpage)

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