Search Bar available on Fullscreen Mode or the Start Page

Greetings! i want brave to have the search bar at the top when i am in fullscreen mode, and be able to use all the options i can use outside fullscreen mode.

i think this is fundamental, since the startpage does not have a search bar, like Chrome or actually every browser outhere. also, Ctrl+e or Ctrl+k commands does not work on fullscreen mode, so i can’t search anything… i need to tap F11 and go out of fullscreen, just to search something. i am sorry to say this but… That does not make sense.
this should be done, so everyone could use naturally the fullscreen mode. i prefer a lot to use fullscreen.

this is something that happened on Chrome (the search bar was not working, but they have solved the problem… now fullscreen is useful).

i hope you can do something. thank you! :pray: