scrollTo not scrolling horizontally

When using scrollTo(x,y) in Javascript on an Android phone, the horizontal position (x) is ignored. It does work in Firefox Mobile and also in Chrome (current releases as of today).

Example of web page:
Click on the right selection box and select “Danuvius-Haus”. Normally, a blinking mark should appear within the visible screen area. But on a phone with a screen width of e.g. 360 px the map does not scroll to the left, so you have to do this manually in order to see the blinking square.

Using Firefox Mobile or Chrome, the horizontal scroll does work correctly on the same device. Also, no problem on a tablet when the screen is wide enough for the map.

Brave Version: 1.32
Mobile Device details: Android 8.1, Gigaset GS370


What items are blocked on the page in Shields? Have you tried disabling shields and check? I assume there might be some fingerprinting going on that is blocked which is causing it to fail. Could you try changing shields settings and see if it fixes the issue?

no items were blocked. The following shield settings are ON: Ads+tracking, 3rd-party cookies, fingerprint protection. Switching the shield off completely for the site does not change the behaviour.

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