Scrolling with middle mouse button highlights content

Description of the issue:
Middle mouse button highlights text in addition to scrolling.
I also found similar topics (links incl. GIFS below) where each of them refers to this github entry that got closed with the last sentence:

I’m going to close this issue as wontfix since we won’t fix it with our current UI. However, it’s already fixed with the new Chromium UI

Are we not on Chromium?
(Layman here - sorry)

First entry from Mar 14,
second from Jan 17,
latest from Jan 18

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):
1. Press and hold middle mouse button
2. Move mouse
-> Text gets highlighted in addition to scrolling

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
GIFS see links above

Expected result:
Scrolling without highlighting.

Reproduces how often:

Brave Version(about:brave):

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):
(at least there’s no update available)

Additional Information:
I’ll deliver anything upon request if needed!

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Hi @Aequita,

Brave is moving from the current Brave (Chromium+Muon) to Chromium front-end [1]. The upcoming version will replace the current Brave and will have no this issue. if you want to try the early version [2]. Note this version may have missing features, more bugs, etc.



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Hey @eljuno,
thanks for your reply!

As i read

  • Upgraded to Chromium 69.0.3497.100. (#15102)

in the 0.24.0 changelog, I apparently was misled to think that the swap to Chromium front-end already happened :slight_smile:

Thanks again!
/case closed

The current Brave is using Chromium as the engine while the UI is using Muon (Brave own fork of Electron). The upcoming rewrite version will use Chromium front-end like described in the blog (link above). :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for that explanation!

Something about the beta you mentioned above:

  • Is is possible to install live and beta at the same time?
  • Do i report every bug I find in the beta or only already persisting ones (beta+live)?
  • Anything else to be wary about when testing beta?

Since everyone will eventually be moved over to Brave Beta in the near future and we’ve been closing out GitHub issues for the Muon build, I’d recommend sticking with (and reporting on) the Beta. To answer your question, yes they can be installed in parallel.

There’s a known issue with Beta right now when Brave Rewards is enabled. We’re working on getting a patch out for that shortly. In the meantime, keep it disabled and you should be good to go!

Support for Brave Beta:

Got it and will report any issues I run into at the beta-section.

Thank you for help and time @eljuno & @Mattches !


You’re welcome @Aequita.

I’m going to close this thread for now. Feel free to open a nee thread if you face any issue, have questions or feedback.

Thanks for using Brave