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For several days now, when I click onto a story from yahoo’s main page, ads will appear superimposed over portions of the story. It is not a problem on the main page or on stories that take you away from yahoo completely. Attached are two examples. I do not have this problem with Chrome.

  1. Open Brave
  2. Click bookmark to
  3. Click on a link to an article, (that directs to another yahoo page).
  4. Scroll down the page.
  5. Eventually, an ad/link, (typically to another yahoo story), that should appear to the right of the article, will instead become superimposed over the body of the story and scroll wheel becomes unstable.

Thanks for reaching out!
It looks like the site is not able to properly/dynamically draw certain page elements on the site. I also see one Device Recognition attempt blocked in the Shields panel – if you change the Device Recognition setting in the Shields panel to Allow all..., the site renders as intended.

When I click on the shield… its shows that I have “all device recognition allowed” already checked. The problem persists.

It looks like when you’re on Yahoo and you open a news article in Yahoo – esp from the front page – the site opens the article in an “overlay” on top of the homepage. This is what’s causing the display conflict. However, I can consistently reproduce and solve this issue by way of Device Recognition. If you already have this setting at Allow all, try changing it back to Block 3rd party... and let the page refresh, then change it back to Allow all again and see if this helps.

I did as suggested and the problem has not gone totally away. However, now, when the overlay appears, it does not persist and force me to close the page… but rather it appears for a few seconds and then goes away. Lots of flashing and attempts to load these overlays as I scroll. I did not have this problem with Brave until about 2 weeks ago. But it certainly persists for me regardless of what computer I am using. Only on Yahoo…

I’m was just guessing, but I suspected that Yahoo was trying to overcome ad-blocking whether as an add-on or built in. But the problem continues even with the shield down for that site.

Thanks for your help. For now, I’m going to just use Chrome when I want to visit

Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this has any effect?

Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

I tried that and re-launched Brave. No help.

Very strange – would you mind sharing a screenshot of the console output you see in Dev tools?
Visit a page on Yahoo exhibiting this behavior, then ctrl + shift + i or Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools to open the Dev tools window, then the [Console] tab.

Here you go. 2 shots attached. I’m happy to save and send the console data… just tell me how.

Thank you – can I also ask if you’ve tried the site with Shields down entirely to confirm that it is a Shields issue (likely)?

Hi. I am having the exact same issues and can report shields down does NOT resolve the problemBrave%20screenshot

I’ve looked into it, seems to be a possibly reflow issue?

I’ve created an issue report,

Shields down does not fix the problem nor does it appear to change it any way. I hate to say this but I’m somewhat relieved that its not just me. I’m not very techie but I’m happy to try and help with screen shots etc…

I have a bit more info. It might be hard to explain but I"ll try. When you click on a yahoo story and it opens with a video… everything is fine until you scroll down. Normally, what happens when you scroll down, the video, (that has now disappeared from view), will re-appear to the right of the article and continue to run AND follow you down the page as you scroll. What it happening with Brave is that when that video re-appears, it typically covers a photo/link to yet another article. It the link/photo that the video covers that end up superimposing and creating the effect seen in the screen shot. See attached shots. ![capture211|690x388] capture201


Seen here is the video of Sarah Silverman which is the video that follows along as I scroll. Notice the photos below her.


I hope this works. As Sarah’s video window moves down over the other shots, those other shot re-appear to the left

Another note. The problem only seems to occur when “auto-play” video are triggered…

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That’s the key right there. So does the error occur when the content is blocked or when it’s allowed?

I’m not sure how to block the content. If I choose to block scripts from the shield icon… the problem goes away but so does the ability of the page to load beyond a certain point. If I pause the video, the problem does not go away. If I go to a yahoo page with a video that does not “auto-load” the problem does not appear. Is there a setting in Bravo that prevents videos from “auto-play”?

When you visit the page, you should see a notification as to whether or not Autoplay was blocked appear in the address bar – click it and elect to “always block”

So here is where I ended up. My java-script was already set to always blocked but I unblocked it and then re-blocked. It “appears” that now no videos are auto-loading on Brave anymore, AND that the problem is now resolved for me. However, it seems to me that it does reveal an issue beyond my understanding for people that are okay with having videos auto-load, (which I can’t imagine!) I would also add that if I CHOOSE, (hit play), to run the video, the problem does not seem to appear as I scroll the page.