Scrolling doesn't work on extended display

Hi all.

I have Brave on a second monitor as an extended display. Using this setup, both my wireless mouse and laptop trackpad fail to scroll on any site, either using the specific scroll function on the mouse/trackpad or dragging the scroll bar. The only way of scrolling with the mouse is to continually click the arrow at the top and bottom of the scroll bar to move the page up and down. When I have Brave on the main display there is no problem, and when I duplicate the displays Brave scrolls perfectly on the second screen. Other browsers scroll perfectly fine on the second screen in extended mode. The issue therefore seems to be specifically when Brave is used on a secondary screen as an extended display screen.

Can anyone try to replicate/suggest why this might be a problem?


Hi @markhunter99,
I’d like to assist you but I’m going to need more information first. When you initially clicked reply, there should have been a template for you inside the reply box. Please reformat your post and fill out as much of that information as you can so we can address your issue quickly and accurately.

Hi Mattches.

No template in the box, just a note about how to use markdown and to drag and drop images. What info do you need?


Brave version, operating system would be useful :slight_smile:


Is this enough?


I see. We’ve had some external display issues in our Muon build before. I’ll dig around to see if I can find the logged issue. In the meantime, I would instead consider moving off the Muon build (the one you’re using, v0.25.2) and updating to the latest release.

We have deprecated Brave Muon in favor of this:

I highly recommend you install the new build and enjoy a much better browsing experience.
It runs in parallel with the Muon version you have installed now, so you don’t have to uninstall or overwrite anything and you can even import data from your previous Brave install into the new build.

I’m using an extended display with the new Brave release (v55.20) right now without issue.
If you’d like to stay on the Muon build, let me know and I’d be happy to continue further troubleshooting. Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions.


The new browser seems to have done the trick, thanks. I’ve imported my bookmarks but they are accompanied by the text when I just use favicons. I can’t see a way to have favicons only though. Can you help with that please?


Favicons only in the works for a later time. Glad the new build addressed the scrolling issue though. If you have any further questions go ahead and open a new topic.