Scrollbar Customizer & More

  1. Scrollbar Customizer: For those who wanna personalize their scrollbar ':smirk:

  2. Stylish: Allows users to customize websites in multiple creative ways
    Can’t link this once cause of the link limit for new users but i’m sure you all know where to find this one

  3. Smooth Scrolling: Yeah, already available on Brave, but gotta say, i like this one better

  4. Ink for Google: Sick True Material Design alternatives for all Google websites, lovin it myself.
    Again, there’s the link limit, however this one is quite easy to find with a quick search


Hi @adamericsson

I have logged your extensions, they can be tracked at the link below. I am closing this thread, if you have additional requests you can check the link below to see if they have been added. If not, please feel free to open a new thread for each request. Thanks for your feedback!


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