Scrollable favourite column on newtab page

So when you’re opening a new tab there is a favorite column which you can see, click and edit.

I’m OK with this, that people can only add 6X2 favorites on 1 page.
However if it’s more than twelve favorites, it has to be clicked when people wanted to go to another page.
In my opinion this is very excruciating, it would be much easier if people could just put the mouse on any favorites and scroll it to next page or last page with scroll wheel.

Before Brave was available, I used the newtab page on Firefox and I really liked having the set of links right there. I never was happy with the setup they chose for the newtab page in Brave.

I tried the extension Tablis and it worked well for me. It took a bit of work to get all of the links pasted in, but it gives me a way to back up the config file. I don’t use the other features of the Brave newtab page, so this was great for me.

You may or may not like it, but it is easy enough to install and remove.