Scroll large content in iPhone is flipped vertical


I run iPhone with iOS 11.2.1.
I run brave for iOS version Version 1.5.2 (

When I open large file such as source code in Github and try to scroll it the vertical scroll seem upside down.
To reproduce the problem

  1. Open a source file in Github which is larger than your phone screen
  2. Scroll both horizontally and vertically at the same time.

Expected behavior

Scroll like any other app in iOS (compare to Safari or Chrome)

Actual result

Horizontal scroll works fine but the vertical scroll is flipped.


This is what I see on the scroll. Not sure what you mean by Scroll is flipped ?


Good, now please try to scroll both vertically and horizontally and the same time.
For example both down and to the right and see how it behaves.



Do you mind screen record it? I only see either horizontal or vertical scroll when I try both at the same time!


Sure, how do you record iphone screen?


You can swipe up to control center and tap on the record button(highlighted item)

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