Scroll does not work on some sites

Scroll does not work on some sites on both windows and Mac versions of Brave.

Example site:

Checking the site, seems fine here. Does it work in private window mode?

Not just you, I have the same issue- only with

The same happens on 3 other PCs I’ve tested so clearly not a local issue.

Tried with and without VPN. Tried my mobile hotspot. Tried Private mode. Tried reinstalling and resetting the browser.

All other browsers I’ve tried (Edge, Firefox and Chrome) work fine.

Edit: I also tried another mouse and using the keyboard to scroll- also does not work.

I guess the fact it only happens for SBS means there’s some compatibility issue between it and the Brave browser.

I fixed it by disabling “Brave shields” on

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Which lists (or custom rules) are enabled in brave://adblock ? I’m not seeing any issues on

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