"scripts blocked" disabled by site?

Description of the issue:
I used to be able to bypass the subscription lightbox by disabling scripts on the page. I noticed recently that the “scripts blocked” had toggled off on this site and when I tried to toggle it back on nothing happened.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to www.theage.com.au
  2. browse at least five articles
  3. the subscription lightbox will appear hiding the site beneath
  4. scripts blocked cannot be toggled on

Expected result:
enable script blocking and lightbox should disappear.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
This was working up until last week so I’m not sure if the site themselves have created a workaround.

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Thanks for reaching out.
On my end, blocking scripts via Shields seems to behave the way you describe it should.

  1. Visit the site www.theage.com.au
  2. Visit 5 articles
  3. See Signup banner
  4. Toggle Block scripts on:

Can you try clearing your browsing data for the site and see if you’re then able to block scripts for it?
Lock icon --> Site settings --> Clear data

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I followed your process and it worked for me with Brave latest version. :thinking:

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Excellent – I imagine that there was some bad data in your cache that were at the root of the issue. Clearing out site data subsequently removed the bad data as well.

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@Mattches I did not clear cache to test that site, but I do clear cache quite often.

Edit: My 1st post should have mentioned that I followed @kdog119’s method to reproduce and was able to read more articles.

Also, that’s a good news site. Thanks @kdog119!

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So I’ve cleared site data and restarted laptop & brave but still having the same issues. For you guys that managed to get it working, did you browse at least five pages until the subscription lightbox appeared?

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Are you in .au? Maybe that’s why? :thinking:

yes I am :slight_smile:

so does that mean they are doing something sneaky which Brave can’t get around?

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No, I was just wondering aloud if your location might somehow be related to your being blocked.

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