Scripts and/or Plugins not working


Hello everyone
I am really enjoying using your browser, but I have got an issue, there are things that is not working properly. For example, if there is a youtube video on another page, I can not control it, like pause it, turn up the volume and stuff like that, the youtube video is just like a moving picture. And today I also was trying to log onto my bank, but when I came to the window where I need to enter somethings, I just could not. It is just standing there like a picture and I cant use it, I am not sure if that are scripts or plugins or something else, but all of that is running smoothly and without problems on other browser, I even tried few of others, just to make sure. Please help me fix this issue so I can keep on surfing in this cool browser!


Do you have strict site isolation enabled? If so, please try turning it off and see if that solves your issues.