Screenshot tool

Please improve screenshot tool. add some option for screenshot edit, copy, resize an other…I copy screenshots a lot, so please give that option.

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The reason Brave got screenshot was because of Chromium, you have to understand that. There was an editing screenshot flag, but Chromium team decided to remove it completely.

When you take a screenshot, the screenshots gets automatically copied to your clipboard anyway, and then you can ‘download it’.

If you need more options to screenshot like the page or nodes in the HTML tree.

You can’t even take a screenshot In Private mode because there is no Share icon there, only adding a keyboard shortcut will make it happen.

Saying that, I doubt there will be any improvements for screenshot unless Chromium does them and it seems Chromium is not going to touch it in a long time and since they removed the editing feature completely, seems like it will be a basic screenshot tool.

Brave is adding cool features though, and it seems better if Brave adds those features instead of working on a screenshot tool that can be workarounded in many ways, like, youy can use ShareX or some image editor instead.