Screenshot on private is disabled? (android)



in android, i used private tab for mobile banking to ensure more security. and sometimes i use screenshot there for confirming transactions, etc. but recently i cannot screenshot when i use private tab. i know that it’s meant to prevent accidental screenshot when you’re in private tab, but i wish there is a way to turn that feature off. since i don’t like using visiting my bank account without the private tab and i need the screenshots.



Hi @archontasius,

Thanks for reporting. Does Chrome behave differently? cc @LaurenWags and @Serg.


@archontasius, I faced same issue but to reproduce it, I had to take several ss in a frequency of minutes. Initially there was no issue but after a couple of minutes, error occurred.


I disabled chrome. But i checked it out at their new update and no, i can’t screenshot on chrome private tab.


i can’t even SS at all

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