Screen position & window size do not stay the same when relaunched

Brave version 0.23.79
Windows 10 Pro 16299.611
Every time I check up on Brave and its last update I am forced to use Firefox again. I am grateful for this endeavor and want Brave to be my daily browser. Any ETA when this will be fixed or if there is an option already I can simply click?
Thank you for everything.

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Do you see this happen when you disconnect from a second monitor?

I use one 50" TV as my monitor so I can’t answer that question.

This is a known issue. We have an issue logged for this and can be tracked here

As workaround you can follow the steps mentioned

  1. Click on the taskbar button to make Brave active
  2. Press ALT+space+M which should maximize the browser window in your active screen

Thanks. I’ll check back again when this issue will finally be resolved.

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I have the same issue and stopped using Brave months ago because it was too annoying. I recently came back because I love the Brave browser on my android phone and I am super pissed at Firefox for getting into the censorship game.

I have some info to add that I think will help get to the root of the problem. First, my system info…

Brave: 0.23.105
rev: 9a46f8f5cb22a9daf2af21989aed25911aa6f839
Muon: 8.0.9
OS Release: 10.0.17134
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 68.0.3440.84

I use a laptop (display 1) with an external monitor (display 2) to the right of my laptop. If I close Brave on display-2 and then re-open, it opens higher (above the top of display 2. If I have a Brave window on display 1, close it, then re-open, it opens in the same place (where it should).

My display-1 is 3840x2160 and is scaled to 250%
My display-2 is 3840x2160 and is scaled to 150%

I CAN ONLY REPRODUCE THE BUG WHEN THE TWO DISPLAYS HAVE DIFFERENT SCALE PERCENTAGES. If I set both to 250% the bug does not occur. Perhaps Brave is assuming both displays have the same scale factor. Perhaps it is using the scaling factor for display-1 when calculating positions on display-2?

Latest updated version 0.24.0.
When I open Brave it still maximizes at the center of my screen (space above and below) and does not remember its last position, size, etc. My only solution is to never close Brave and only minimize it. As soon as I forget and close it I have to rearrange its window to my liking again.
Love the project. Will check Brave again in a few weeks, not ready as my daily driver. Hard to relearn something I’ve been doing since forever.

@DbythnU, have you tried the Developer Build? It too is still in early stages, but performs very well and the screen positioning issue (as far as I know) won’t be present.

I installed Brave Developer Version 0.55.6 Chromium: 70.0.3538.16 (Official Build) dev (64-bit).

I cannot reproduce the bug. It looks perfect so far.

Also, I like the changes to the user interface! Very nice.

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Thank you! I’ll be driving it a for a while. Quick question. How do you get the file, edit, view, History, etc visible.

Visible on the top or just looking for it in general? The three dots on the top right open the Menu.

I meant a toggle like show menu bar ON/OFF?

Apologies! I was making that more complicated than it needed to be!
Unfortunately there’s currently no way to do this. At some point in chromium development, a decision was made to remove that bar (at least as far as Windows is concerned). However, the options menu in the top right [should] contains _most _ relevant options that were present in the top menu bar:
I’m currently using macOS so I do have the menu bar at the top and it looks like most things you’d want to accomplish are present in this menu.

I see. Thank you. This app opens way faster than the current Brave. All the shortcuts seem to be the same.

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