Screen jittering to the right

I have been using Brave Browser for about a year, but recently, without reason, whenever I open a window with Brave, it begins to slowly jitter to the right side of the screen. I have not messed with any settings and I am not having this issue with other applications. Even as I am writing this, I am having to drag my screen back over every three seconds or so just so I can see what I am writing. I have restarted both Brave Browser and my Mac, but it keeps happening. I have searched all over the internet but have not found anything. The only solution I have found is to drag my cursor to the bottom right corner of my Brave window and then quickly push it diagonally up towards the upper left corner, this only works about 30% of the time. I really like Brave but if this issue persists, I am going to need to switch to another browser just so I can read articles, watch videos, and do literally anything else without needing to drag my screen every 5 seconds. If anyone knows how to help, please, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

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