Screen color combination canghes

While using the brave app with pocophone X3,
the display changes color to thr yellowish side, washed out.
I don’t know if there is a set function or it’s a bug…
When I close the app the display color remains.
I have to go to the color combinations settings of the phone (miui) to return to the best color setting.


This is happening to me as well after the latest 1.17.72 Android release. I’m on a OnePlus 8 Pro. It’s pretty constant. Screen continually switches between a normal mode and some sort of nighttime mode where blue light is filtered out and everything looks yellowish. Confirmed it does not happen with any other browser.


Same problem here with OnePlus 6.
I recorded it on video if needed


It’s a chrome issue from a while back that somehow affected brave now. Go to chrome://flags and search #dynamic-color-gamut and disable it.

Fixed it for me. I found the fix by searching for somehow having the issue on any app or browser using OnePlus and I found that it’s happened before with chrome on different devices.

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Fixed it for me too. Thank you moshe1!!

it did fix for chrome browser but in Brave I’m still getting this issue

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