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Hi there! I regularly use Firefox;Now I want to switch to Brave, but I need to keep my old scrapbook from Firefox as well to keep its features intact per se. Thus I can save Web pages and organize them in folders for offline Review.


Scrapbook plus seemes to be only availiable for firefox but Brave uses Chromium so there is sadly not possible to get that extension working in Brave :sweat_smile: You can use the “Pocket” extension that is avaliable for Brave if you wan´t to save pages and view them offline, might be the same functions but I don´t know :wink:


Sadly, there is no comparison between Pocket and Scrapbook X - simply not an acceptable alternative. I’m also an avid Scrapbook X user and it’s the one add-on that will stop me from moving to any other browser. Too bad - I like Brave’s mission and was hoping I could switch.


You could always ask the creator of Scrapbook X to make a version for Chrome :slight_smile: Or maby ask him to integrate it directly in to Brave :slight_smile:

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