Scammer busted!

I recently found out Mr. @TonyStark or @Manjyeel is abusing the brave rules and regulations. He has been doing bot referrals and self tipping over numerous creator accounts. Some of the accounts I found out are:

I was warning him but he was showing arrogance to create more creator accounts and more bot referrals.


Thanks @Garima153718 for reporting.

Is that possible ? To create fake referral? He should be punished then

Don’t know bro how he did that? He might be dangerous hacker.

@steeven his referral code was like this

hey @steeven this man @Garima153718 was asking me for The bats that i have earned. he asked me to provide him 150$ just because he thinks that i have created fake referrals. You can have a look at my referrals which proves that i am.not doing any fake referrals and it is the referral from my Facebookpages and group in which i have about 17k Facebook page followers this guy @Garima153718 asked me for money on discord and if i didn’t provide him money, he said that he will fake me everywhere. i am providing some screenshots. therefore i request @Garima153718 to stop asking me for money and stop calling me hacker. and @steeven you can have a look if i am.having fake referrals. but please make this @Garima153718 Stop calling me scammer as i am promoting brave browser not by creating fake referrals but by referring to real people through various groups and pages. thank you. @Daddy_yo hope you understand that i am not a scammer instead @Garima153718 is a scammer and i have some screenshots of him scamming me in discord. will post it soon

that a very interesting drama going in here :joy: :joy: :joy:



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@justsomeone1 yeah a random dude appears one day and asks me for money and threatens me of Complaining about the thing that i haven’t done​:joy::joy:

isn’t that funny?:joy::joy: and he is also calling me hacker. bro i am sitting at my chair and posting this, there is no computer in front of me instead there is washing sink. i am.wqshing dishes bro don’t call me scammer and hacker. don’t leg cause i didn’t gave you 150$:joy::joy: earn yourself and enjoy your life. @Garima153718

And look here @Garima153718 giving me time till 8 AM to provide him money through private dm😂
It is written in nepali language and it says “small brother, till 8 am this post will be posted” :joy:

I’ma leaving brave browser. and oh yes this man is nepali citizen and i am too nepali​:joy: i know how Nepali people pull other’s legs​:joy::joy:

That’s crazy :joy: the screenshot of the chat could help maybe

@Daddy_yo Yeah this @Garima153718 scammer is like Asking for money even after i said no i won’t provide cause i am legit​:joy::joy:

who know maybe one detect scammer and want to take part of the juice and when things did not go well it all explode

i see if that repeated alot that could lead to removing their country from the reward system as they did with other country before who their users abuse the reward system

yeah so i am asking him to stop doing all these for money. other peoples earning from our country will be disturbed because of him. for me, i am leaving this platform because of this man who did all these.

who know maybe because both of you :wink:

i am not taking anyone side so do not put me with yourself or him

yeah let admin decide. i am not using this platform anymore but anyone who is seeing this, i want to tell you that this platform is legit and i myself has got about 2000 BATS In 2 payments. so you can invest your time here but be aware of people like @Garima153718 who ruins a healthy work and payment.

It’s true that I suspected you and tried to scare you of your illegal doings. But if you are legit then why are you so scared running away from brave ? You were also posting fake videos about netflix fake accounts adding brave in the process. I mean if you are legit why would you delete these youtube accounts after I scare you of your illegal doings. You also said it was very easy process too, don’t know what were you trying to say. You might be living inside underground with serious hacking criminals and scammers around you.

Look his website too!

He is adding brave browser in hacking process too. Doesn’t it give bad meaning to people that brave is used for hacking process?

He just uses that to promote his referral link so what?

this isn’t mine bro stop it man stop putting fake allegations on me

@steeven i don’t know what is going. please close this thread and check my account if i have fake referrals. i am becoming tired of all these nonsense please close this thread and check my account if you find any errors you can suspend/delete my account. i am leaving brave browser creators