Scam reward, uninstall

I uninstall brave, this project is a scam, four months that I use it every day, and for two months no rewards while they are promised, crooks would not have done better, run away from this software and install a real one browser that keeps its promises. A shame!

Je desinstalle brave, ce projet est une arnaque, quatre mois que je l’utilise tousl esj ours , et depuis deux mois aucune récompenses alors qu’elles sont promise, des ecrocs n’auraient pas fait mieux, fuyez ce logiciel et installez un vrai navigateur qui tiens ses promesse. Une honte!

Brave works just fine if you keep settings closer to stock without lots of extensions and using vpns.

I don’t have install extensions, just a scam project like other crypto project, creator just want make money with user data.

We’re not a scam.
No support requested.
If you have a Rewards issue, open a real topic and include the relevant details of your issue and we’d be happy to help you.