Scam project or not?

i use brave browser more than a month but i dont get payed for this month… i followed all instruction but it didnt pay me. i have an uphold verified acount and its connected. and i have alsi invited friends who uses brave daily. and also i watched ads on youtube. but why i dont receive any bat on this month? while other of my friends receive??


alone on the right side in the start area of the forum I found 2 similar topics. Without having read much further, I therefore assume a bug - no scam.

Threads from start page

Brave pay out not done fixed date
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so if its bug how ot what will i do to this? if again om seotembet i dont get bat then its a scam

In my case, they didn’t pay IV th month. Delisting my appeals. Draw your own conclusion.

Hi there,

the bat system is quite confusing and perhaps also buggy. For example you will be paid on the 5th of each month, but adds from the 1th-5th will be paid out in the next month … and perhaps there are quite a lot bugs as well.
In my case I did not get paid the very first month, but in the second month (although not everything, perhaps I earned the left bats from the first to the fifth). It’s still under “Estimated rewards pending”, so it should be alright and paid out on the 5th September.
You never know for sure, but I don’t think this is Scam, but I suppose this whole add thing is still in beta (If you followed the release notes, the ability to withdraw bat from your wallet was added very recently, which is a very clear sign that the whole system is not stable yet)

i use brave browser more than a month but i dont get payed for this month… i followed all instruction but it didnt pay me. i have an uphold verified acount and its connected. and i have alsi invited friends who uses brave daily. and also i watched ads on youtube. but why i dont receive any bat on this month? while other of my friends receive??

Did you use Brave for two month? So have you been using Brave before the 5th July and oviously before the 5th August? (I would wait at least two payout dates until I judge anyone).
Furthermore, do you have any rewards pending?
So on brave://rewards what does:

Also, it seems to me like you have misunderstood some concepts? Because, at least to my knowledge, ads on youtube are not from Brave! Neither ads in google nor on any other website are by Brave(they are usually blocked by the ad Blocker, the youtube ones are not blockes as far as I know). Brave ads will be kind of popups or notifications. So depending on your Os they will be displayed somewhere on your desktop (I remember on Mac Os it was the right upper corner) and on Linux kde it’s the left bottom corner and you can just click them away.
Did you ever receive these?

Here captured one for you, that’s how they look like on kde plasma (sometimes also from other companies obiously). You can click them aways or they disappear automatically after like 10sec.

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@leon0402 Thank you for clearing the air. I would have been all over this issue but I have been busy with test and updates on the nightly browser. I have been tracking future features like stackoverflow tipping and unsplash tipping. I have been seeing similar post on scam this and scam that. @leon0402 education was very great and detailed. To those that want a direct withdrawal of funds from their ads account without being creators that feature is being tested brave Dev and Brave Nightly and it is powered by uphold. This feature is till extremely buggy, it was what led to my recent appeal that got rejected which would be talked about below. This is just to correct some views, the BAT (Basic Attention Token) is a measure of value for a utility, which is the attention of an individual. it is a utility token. @alexvirt I am a user, just like you and have had my appeals rejected several times only to realise I was at fault for sending not too detailed appeals. last week I got an appeal rejected only to notice the links I sent were only fully detailed on my end not the public end so had to send screenshot and make those like publicly available. @ALEXVIRT if you don’t mind could you message me the problem referrals or grant or just a honest mistake of violating the terms. I have seen Ads that violates the acceptable standard of Brave ads. @ALEXVIRT please read this thread Uphold already verified but rewards never received (SOLVED!) I had to help the person in question and all 6000BAT was paid. The person’s case was more of human error on brave’s part and when the problem was brought to their attention, they fixed it. I believed there was a case to support but I would never support any violations or means to game the system. So @ALEXVIRT before you send the message please be sure your hands are clean and you aren’t trying to game the system. If all is in other I would personally scream and shout till your case is front and center. @mechzabala follow @leon0402 instructions and you would understand the program better. @leon0402 nice to read your post, Thanks for pick up this cases.


here what does this mean? thank you for your clarification @leon0402

This is Brave rewards for creators!
There is a difference between the brave rewards program for content creators/referrals and the user rewards program for watching ads. As you have talked in the beginning about watching ads, I assumed that you would talk about the user rewards.
So for clarification:

  • You can earn bat as an user of the browser by watching ads. You can activate that by clicking on the Brave Rewards icon in the adressbar or by going to brave://rewards (type this in in your address bar). Once you have it activated it will look like this:

    You can see how many ads you have received and how much bats you make on the “Next payment date” (keep here in mind that parts of the “estimated rewards pending” might be paid out one month later due to the fact that payments from the 1th -5th will count in the next month)
    If you have all that activated and still receive no ads, then this is a different problem, which should be discusses or has already been discussed in other thread (“Why do I not see ads”). As I said ads are those you have seen on my screenshot in the last post … youtube ads or anything like that does not count
  • You can earn bats if you are a content creator. So you have a website on the internet, say a blog, and instead of having ads there you register this site (I don’t know how it works exactly as I’m not a content creator). If people then visit your site, they might send you a tip (which is possible over the brave rewards site as well) or they have auto contribution enabled (so bats the user earns through receiving ads will be equally distributed to the content creators of the site this user has visited). E.g. if nobody visits your registered website OR anyone, who visits the site, has disabled auto-contribution and doesn’t send you a tip, you will still NOT earn any bat.

I hope I made clear how you can earn bats. And you should clarify now if you are a content creator or a user who wants to receive ads. In the first case you might not receive any bats, because as I said, nobody has visited your site and in the second case, you might want to send a screenshot from the brave://rewards site instead!

And please: Obviously you’re not familiar with the Brave reward system, in that case I would refrain from calling the project scam. It’s quite likely after what I’ve read that it’s not Brave’s fault that you haven’t received any bat.

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here is my screenshot unfortunately i havent receive any ads for 1 month but i activate it in the settings 5 ads per hour. i didnt say that it is a scam. i just ask scam or not.

@mechzabala make sure you live in supported regions. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

@mechzabala Where do you live? It’s not supported in every country.

I know that you didn’t say that’s it’s scam, but rather asked if it’s scam, but it’s still a presumption. And in the last days there have been a lot of posts, which said Brave is Scam or could be Scam … and it just generates a bad reputation. It’s also a click-bait title and describes you problem not at all. A better title would have been “Ads are not being displayed”. Just imagine anyone having any problem with Brave would name there thread “Scam project or not” … what would new users think about Brave? At least that’s my personal opinion and it’s okay, I just wanted to ask you to name your titles next time differently.

so there is no possible way to earn here on brave browser since i dont receive any ads to view during those days/months using it.

I don‘t know, you didn‘t say in which country you live …
Please keep in mind that the list of supported countries will also be extended.

Haha that’s huge. They flag my message as spam, just because i’m telling the truth about the fact it is a scam.

hello @yoann I still viewed it and saw your message. What was your action

how much bat is in your publisher account and when was your Uphold account verified @yoann

„They“ is the community, so users of Brave, not the Brave team itself. I didn‘t report it, but it‘s reasonable. You‘re accusing Brave quite hardly without giving enough proof.

Please keep in mind that the mistake could always be on your side (you wouldn‘t be the first one). Furthermore, the browser is still under development … bugs can happen. That doesn‘t make a projekt scam. And a lot of people receive their money correctly, so you can be quite sure that it‘s not scam.

So instead of accusing them, why don‘t you try to be helpful and write a proper bug report, so your problem can be solved. If you don‘t want to do that, that‘s fine, but then don‘t complain.

Btw. it‘s not like your post is deleted. It‘s just flagged as inappropriate… everyone can still see your post.

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