Scam Alert! Is Brave reward a scam?

It is extremely funny!

Brave browser tells us to click on the ads (so they can gain profit and we also gain a little bit of a BAT token) and now that it comes to the payment, not only they haven’t paid any token! They blocked my personal and work laptop from getting ads!

Most probably if I ask them, I also get the same answer like so many other people.
“Our system detected unusual activities and flagged your system!!!”

I just participated for its fun but to be honest I do not care anymore! If they don’t stand with their words why should I keep using Brave browser so they can gain more benefits?


Are u paid by someone to post this scam alert here??
Can’t you read that the status says : “processing”.
Have a little patience.

UC browser seems a good fit for you, why don’t you use that.


Brave don’t tells us to click on the ads.


LOL just imagine a few BAT tokens made someone to hire someone else to post a scam alert!!! Mission Impossible…

You made my day son. :joy:

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What is this guy’s just chill no one is paid by anyone but @Bombi2722 is frustrated from not getting ads so that’s why he says like this
Don’t mind just chill and yes remember that Don’t use Brave for just getting Reward it has many useful features like ads Blocking and Trackers Blocking and Best Private Space for Browsing

Brave ain’t a scam, i have been getting regular payouts for more than a year. It’s just that payments take time to process, so you gotta be patient. And no, you don’t have to click on ads

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A Note about Brave Ads (Click on the go to the post)

Perhaps you should read this post to clarify things for you. Be patient they will come with a solution. I never had problem with payments before, this is the first time and I am using Brave for nearly a year now.

Yeah lol…
It becomes a lil frustrating when ppl can’t read the status of reward.
Also when ppl can’t comprehend a lil bit sarcasm.

Is that only you who haven’t got paid? For the past 3 days everybody is complaining about this issue. Now, you are making a funny post without seeing the status message regarding payment or others complaints in queue.

i finallly got my payout but now i get ads and i dont gain any BAT over time… whats going on

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Which one is your wallet Gemini or uphold?

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Same for me…it happens sometimes.
Don’t know the reason though…not getting BAT for ads for the past 3 day on my phone and for past 2 day for my laptop


Just wanted to ask not able to connect my brave account through gemini as well as uphold as they first verified & then rejected, can you tell any method becuase these third party wallets are annoying and fishy

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I have been using crypto for long enough time never faced any verification issue till now on any other app

Don’t know where you are situated, but crypto exchanges are obligated by KYC (“know your customer”) laws to verify their customers in NA and EU.

But I already have my KYC and all done.

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Hi, we apologies for any inconvenience that might be happening in regards to payment at the moment.

Please follow this thread for updates regarding January payments to verified Uphold wallets - Ads Payout Status Update.