Says wrong amount coming in 7 days

I collected 2.840BAT this month but it says it will only pay out 1.965BAT what is going on here? does it take like a 33% cut?


where do you get to see that? I just lost all my BAT


You will get your BAT on the 7th october, on the pay day.


The number may not be accurate by the time you received your earned BATs. It may be higher than that.


That’s just an estimate. It will likely be higher when you actually receive it.

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same happened with me collected 4.456 bat but the notification of arriving in 7 days shows 4.326 bat

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If the same thing happens to me, in android it is always like that I collect more than 5 bat and they will only give me 2.86 And in the end that is the amount that they will give you what you lack and give it up for lost

I have same problem. I collected 2.010BAT and come me same 1.965BAT what you.

Hi everyone, it’s just a new month (October 1st), so counters are resetting to the new month. Your other counters may take some time to sync up, depending on your timezone.

We have a fix coming to make sure your local time and the UTC timezone that our servers use are better aligned.

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