Saying my device can't have the rewards

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Hi I’m not able to have rewards on my device… I had downloaded the browser previously but had a problem recirculation my rewards from ads. So I uninstalled it and downloaded it again, now its saying my device can’t recieve rewards… What is going on please.

Hi @Dominic1,

What OS, device and Brave version are you using?

Hi thanks for the reply I’m using android

Can you share a screenshot of the message you’re seeing.
To clarify, when you said:

Do you mean “had a problem receiving”?

*(for re. Last message I did mean receiving…)

The message doesn’t stay on the screen long enough, but to screenshot it but if you look at the settings you can see that there’s no rewards option.
I’m based in the UK

@Dominic1 did you have a rooted device? If not, maybe your device is failed for SafetyNet check which is required in order to enable Rewards.

For now there’s no workaround for that.


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