Saving To SD Card Presents False Download Error Notification

Description of the issue:
If the download path is set to use external storage, Brave will incorrectly report a download error any time you download something even though it downloads successfully.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. In settings, change the download path to the SD card.
  2. Save something. An image is probably the easiest.
  3. The notification will say the download failed but the file will be present in the folder.

Expected result:
The notification should say that the download was successful. The file can’t be opened from the notification tray by pressing on it if it thinks the download failed.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Android 11.

Additional Information:
A while back there was a bug present for a month or two where downloads simply didn’t work at all. During that time choosing to save to the SD card would place the download into the app’s package directory folder on internal storage in Android/data/com.brave.browser/Files/Download/. I’m fairly certain this is related to that bug in some way.

I´m currently having the same problem with Brave 1.30.87 on my Xiaomi Redmi 9A (Android 10), it looks like the default folder Brave choose for the external storage (MicroSD) is restricted by the Android system (10 or higher) (/storage/“MicroSD-ID”/Android/data/com.brave.browser/files/Download/). Maybe this could be resolved by giving us the choice to select a custom folder for downloads in external storage.

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It seems I somehow forgot to mention the download path they save to. Could’ve sworn I included it. In my case the files will save to the “download” folder in the root directory of external storage but show a notification that says download error. In addition to not being able to open the file from the notification tray, the Android media scanner doesn’t trigger for failed downloads. So, when you download a photo for example, even though the file exists some apps won’t see the freshly downloaded photo because they think nothing has changed.

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