Saving Pins & Tabs - Export/Import

I would like to be able to export and import pins/tabs. I constantly use 3 to 4 monitors for web programming and which ever the last browser you close in brave is what is saved and opened the next time. This wipes my pins/tabs if I close the wrong browser window. Ouch!!! and sometimes I have 10 to 12 pins per screen as I do a lot of back and forth work.

It would also be great if you could export/import multiple pin sets so if you have 4 browser windows open on 4 screens each browser could have its own set of pins for the actions you need to complete the most. Also this helps when working on multiple clients accounts. I may have one, in Magento, one in Shopify, one in WordPress and another one I am building could be custom. Each of these need a separate set of tabs/pins and reloading them each time I start my browser just stinks.

If you already have this feature and I don’t know where it is, please tell me. =)

I hope this helps the brave community and keep up the great work. I love this browser. It gives me the same feeling I had when netscape first came out, and also when Chrome first came out, which I pretty much now can’t stand to use as it is so huge and wastes tons of my computers resources.

Thanks again,