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I’m new to this browser.

I saw that the passwords are saved in my machine - I use Mac OSX DEsktop- the thing is if there is a crash in my machine where the passwords go.

Do I have to backup my machine and rely on this as a solo password keeper or is there any cloud options available?

Thanks in advance.

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Seeing that Brave still has issues with managing passwords…

I too would like a reliable password manager! :wink:

Heard about Keepass but it seems rather complicated.
LastPass? hum… not so sure.

I personally use 1password. I feel it works the best for me, I also use LastPass at work but I use that in Firefox to keep work/personal totally separate. Using a password manager is a better option than depending on a browser, which saves passwords in plain text. 1Password and other password managers can import passwords from a browser so you can get started fairly easily and go from there.


Thanks for the answers,

I have KeePassXC installed and there is a feature that allows the passwords to be saved via browser.

Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Brave.

You have to install a extension for that.

I discovered this today…

The issue is that the extension works fine with Chrome but not with Brave - Although it points in the configuration screen from KeePassXC that it does.

Didi someone tested this?

That would be the perfect fit.


Can you show me the exact KeePass extension you’re attempting to add to Brave?

Found it! And it seems to install quite well with Brave:

For some reason it started to work…

Maybe I had o restart the browser…

I don’t know…

Which is great because I can save the passwords directly to keepassXC

Here it goes the link


Lourenço de Azevedo

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