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I love this browser, its very fast. However one unavailable feature is a huge roadblock to using Brave as a daily replacement for Chrome and Firefox. Its the lack of a “Save open tabs” to bookmarks. I have 20-50 tabs open at any time and I can’t save each one to a bookmark. Its tedious. I need to able to right click and save all of them to a list in a bookmark and be able to search it when required or browse through them when I have time to read a link.

I saw the list of feature/extension requests and I suspect this is not a “must do” for Brave. I really need an alternative to FF and Chrome…


Thanks for the request @Oaklandr,

Added your comment as +1 and the request is logged here

Also, duplicate of Bookmark all tabs.


Thanks for the reply, eljuno. I appreciate it. However I can’t access the zendesk link in the msg you forwarded. Does it require a new account/password?

To answer the msg you forwarded on the feature existing in most browsers, I do know it. I use Chrome and FF everyday simultaneously. I also use the Mozilla derivative Pale Moon plus Epic and Vivaldi occasionally.

FF, is becoming a huge memory hog even when I disable all extensions. Once I open 20+ tabs, which I can do within 10-20 mins, I hit 7GB+ and mysteriously it grows i size when I don’t use it for a couple of hours. I use tab suspender to “turn off” the tabs but I think eventually it also contributes to memory size or some other anomalies.

Even with a fast PC, an SSD and 16GB RAM its painful. I can’t find a “non-technical” solution, I have attempted most every suggestion from the FF community but it does not help. The one suggestion that comes close to working is running FF in Safe Mode but that’s not a long term solution.

I was hoping Brave could replace it and Chrome but I suppose I’ll have to wait for a while. Thanks again


Hi @Oaklandr,

That’s an old support channel. Not to worry if you can’t open it. :slight_smile:

Brave is getting better in each releases by feedback from community and users like you. Feel free to open a new thread if you have another request or feedback or face some bugs. :slight_smile:


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