Saving logins missed

iPad Gen 8 with current IOS
Heavy causal user, technical but no software guru

Wanting to maintain a reliable saved login cred file when using Brave but historically have had issues where the credent have not been saved.

This morning it finally dawned that the obscure location on the screen for saving occurs at the bottom of screen in small font with little if anything to draw my attention, so I miss the option in my haste to get to where I’m going before I forget or the dog causes me to lose focus……

Just saying.
Like the product and appreciate the tremendous effort in making this browser trustworthy . Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the community. Moving you post to a feedback category where members of the dev team are more likely to see.

I know nothing about iPad. Just wondering if there was a way to change font sizes for elements on a page. I did a quick web search and there are articles for changing text size through accessibility settings or control center (whatever that is) but it appears to apply to the whole app (or OS depending on the settings your choose) and not specific elements of the app. Have you tried to play around with these settings?

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