Saving JPG images?


The only option under save-as type is something called “all files”, which saves some sort of binary file (I think) that is useless.

How can I save a jpg image under the jpg format?


What os are you on?
I tested on windows 10 and saving a picture with right clicking on the picture and selecting “save image”. The picture is saved as normal even if it says that it will save it in the format “all files” :sweat_smile:

It is possible to drag and drop the picture to the desktop if nothing else works :wink:


Sorry - Win7.

Just tried drag/drop and it solves the problem! Thanks!

ps Since drag/drop works,. I’m OK … but for the good of the browser the problem still exists that rt-click only offers the file type “all files”, which saves some sort of useless file.

Thx again Jacalz!


No problem :wink:
Yeah, the problem certainly needs to be fixed but it is good that it exists a workaround for it :slight_smile:

It might work to reinstall Brave as long as it isn’t a bug with Brave in windows 7 :smile:


The file extension issue on Windows is being tracked here:


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