Saving image wants to again, save as HTML file (regression)


I like going to sites like this and doing right-click on the image and saving it into my wallpaper directory.

Now when I do this, it wasn’t to save the image as an html file.

I’ve only posted a couple of times here, and it was about this same issue over a year ago. Was working fine a few weeks ago.

Running Mac OSX. Brave 0.23.39


Hi @kbmurphy, thanks for reaching out!
However, I was unable to reproduce this error on my machine [Windows] and I had another team member test on macOS who was also unable to reproduce it. Just to confirm, were you viewing the full-sized image when right clicking or just the preview? I’ve attached a gif below showing me successfully downloading the file:


Thank you for looking into this.

I guess a recent update to Brave has made this go away. I just tried myself and couldn’t reproduce either.

In either case, thank you for looking into it!


Looks like I spoke too soon.

Here’s a really odd one for you. I had two windows open (lots of tabs, as you can see), and on the first go through, it worked as expected. However, the second tab I show in a different window does show the behavior that I am saying is a bug.

Let me know what you think.
Watch this to see it.


Peculiar indeed. Are you using that same website? Also, in both windows, did you open the fullscreen image in the same way for both windows?


Same website, same browser session, same methodology (select resolution from web site and choose “Download” button, and then the image loads)…both are links to the image and should save image files.

I still have the browser sessions open if there’s any diagnostic data I can send, just let me know how.


Just happened again, but one thing I noticed is that I did this workflow:

  1. Opened two images from that website in two different tabs
  2. Right-click, Save Image on the first tab worked.
  3. Right-click, Save Image on the second tab did not work as expected (save as html).

Hope you or the team can reproduce.


Hello again, sorry for the delayed response!

Thanks for the update. While I was able to reproduce the error, I was only able to do it once. Here were my steps to reproduce:

  1. Open new Brave window
  2. Navigate to original website provided
  3. Open a second image from same website in a new tab (I used this image but I’m not certain it matters)
  4. Click the “Download” button in both tabs, so they both contain the full-sized images
  5. Right-Click --> Save Image…

At this point, both images saved as .html files. However, when I went to try again I was unable to reproduce the error. I tried refreshing both pages and the images saved as intended. I also closed the window, opened a new one and followed the same steps and the images again downloaded as intended.

I am currently running on Windows 10, so I had @LaurenWags also test the error on her OSX machine. She was also able to reproduce the error once, but not after that.

The issue is hard to pin down due to its intermittence . It could be a web compatibility issue, or an error in our context menu (or something else entirely). Before I log this issue to be reviewed, does this behavior present on _any website_when trying to save/download images? Or has it just been the one thus far?


I’ve only encountered this issue in just this web site so far. But I will try on others and report back here.

I feel like I always find the strange bugs, and I highly appreciate your time (and @LaurenWags 's) on this.

  1. An input dialog that asks me how many images I want to download. My answer is stored in a variable called number

  2. An open browser activity that goes directly to the first image of the provided gallery of the website

  3. Inside a Do activity I’ve:
    3.1. An Assign activity with a variable called val with the default value of 0
    3.2. A Do While acvity with another sequence:
    3.2.1. A Take Screenshot activity
    3.2.2. A Save Image activity
    3.2.3. A Click activity (that clicks on the Next button of the gallery to go to another page and get another image)


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