Saved web pages are AWFUL offline

First, this: Before posting this concern, I did try the SEARCH feature on this website to see if the question has been answered before, and I didn’t get any relevant results.

I’ve tried all 3 “save as” options in Brave, and the offline-viewing results stink. I can’t possibly continue to use Brave if I can’t save web pages and have them look proper.

Yes, I do have the latest version, all Windows updates, and I do run an antimalware assortment of highly-rated programs every day. I also scan my registry, file-check-disc-check, and check the integrity of my board and processor. It’s not me. It’s you.
Is Brave just another version of the ghastly original incarnation of the Edge browser; is it just impossible to save a web page and view it offline later and see the whole thing?
Or not? If not, how? Thank you.

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