Saved text not responding on tapping


How can this issue be reproduced?

On tapping any saved text on any sites
that asking for information like your roll no.,
Saved Passwords are working but not the
saved text.

Expected result: Gets automatically
entered on tap

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.32.112

Realme GT Master Edition
Android 11; Build/RKQ1.210408.001
Realme UI 2.0


@Mattches please look into it.

So you’re saying that when you tap on a saved address or some other information in a form field, nothing happens?

Yes, that’s the issue.

Can you confirm that this happens for any form data or just the site shown in your image? In the meantime I’ve forwarded your report to the Android team for further review.

This is happening for all sites.

This has been annoying me for a week or so to the point I now use another browser for some things.

Happens on all sites. For example on a package tracking site where I keep going to check tracking number. It shows the previously typed number but I can’t click it.

The same happens with remembered identifies for things like name and address.

Phone is a Poco 3 NFC running Miui Global 12.5.4
Brave 1.32.112

It’s working on my secondary device (Asus Zenfone 5z). You can del and reinstall, it may work. I can’t do this as doing this I will lose all my bat.

Would either of you be willing to test this behavior on Chrome and check and see whether or not you get the same results?

@Mattches , I believe it’s this chrome issue: that has a fix on the update from 3 days ago.

This issue also happens to me.

(it would be great if tapping the version number would copy)

Thank you for checking – I also believe this is a Chromium issue, not Brave specific which means it may need to wait for an upstream fix.

@Mattches @WurmD,
It’s got fixed. I had tried today and all is working good now.

So it was a chromium issue

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Thank you for confirming.

Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

I can also confirm it was resolved a week ago for me.

It’s nice to actually see the cause of the problem, even if it wasn’t Braves fault!

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