Saved passwords dissappear since about a week (OSX)

Since about a week my saved passwords disappear from Brave.

I added several of them again, saved them, but they’re gone the next day or so.
This morning I had only one saved password left (for my work), all others (Amazon, eBay, you name it) have gone.

This morning I logged in to this community: saved the password, which now shows - but it had forgotten this one, too.

OSX 10.14.4, Mac Mini 2018

Thanks for reaching out.
Just to confirm, these passwords do appear in the Saved Passwords list in Settings --> Passwords?

After saving, yes they do. But between today and yesterday a few have disappeared, and many others before.

Other users who’ve encountered this simply un/reinstalled and were able to save and store passwords.

But the point being - I also would like my long saved passwords restored instead of having to be locked out of various sites from not remembering which email/username out of dozens I used. We’re talking a solid day of eff around. It’s not “simply” when you lose all your saved passwords…grrrrrr.

If you’re encountering this issue as well, would you mind providing some additional information and what steps you’ve tried? Additionally, are you also on OSX?

This morning all passwords have gone. It is a serious issue.
I will try to see if syncing is the culprit.
If not, Brave is costing me too much time and effort.

Syncing is not likely related to this issue.
Right now (as you’re reading this message), how many passwords do you have saved (roughly)?

I see 4 passwords (all re-entered yesterday).
For one website, Brave no longer offers to save the password (it did work not too long ago).

Just to be sure, there were well over 20 passwords originally

I just signed up to be able to communicate: I have the same issue, all of my passwords that were saved suddenly disappeared about a week ago, and I have to re-enter them every time i visit the sites another time…I used to love brave; I’m learning to hate it! Some times the protections you offer make it difficult to view certain sites and it’s a pain…but back to the password issue; your help with the other guy is so inadequate, there is something wrong somewhere and you are going to lose people if you don’t get serious and address it; out of sheer frustration, if it’s not resolved soon I’m just deleting brave. I know that doesn’t mean much, but I’m sure i’m not the only person. you can’t be serious about your lack of concern; there is something wrong with your browser! je

Since I disabled syncing, I have not lost any passwords.
But that one website I mentioned (, it does not automatically offer saving its password (yes, that feature is enabled).

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:point_up: Do you have Sync enabled as well? if so, can you check and see if disabling/breaking Sync chain resolves the issue?

I did have sync enabled for three devices: Mac Mini, iPad, iPhone. I removed the latter two from the chain, so essentially no longer have sync enabled. It does appear to have solved the issue, fingers crossed. If not, I will report.

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Thanks for testing and please let me know. This is good data to capture and give to devs if this is the case.

To confirm: ever since disabling sync my passwords no longer disappear.

Correction: today all passwords were gone once more.
I suggest that this is an urgent issue.

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Some last things to check – I apologize if this is redundant or tedious and I do appreciate your time in diagnosing the problem:
Navigate to Settings --> Passwords, then tell me:

  • Do you have the top two options, Offer to save passwords and Auto-sign in enabled?
  • Do you regularly clean/wipe browsing data using the Clear browsing data option? If so, can you ensure that the Saved Passwords option is not selected?
  • Further, do you have any data selected in the On exit section of Clear browsing data?
  • Are you using ccCleaner or any other software that automatically runs and cleans “junk” files or clears system cache? I doubt this is the case – if it was, you’d likely lose most if not all browsing data along with your passwords, but it’s worth a mention just in case.
  • Are you running any extensions along with Brave that may be interfering with Password storage?
  • To confirm one last time, when you enter password information after visiting a site and elect to save the entered credentials, these creds. do appear in the list of saved passwords (Settings --> Autofill --> Passwords (before being mysteriously deleted, obviously)?

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