Saved iOS logins do not prompt to populate saved login information on pages where login information has been saved

Description of the issue:
Repost since origianl post closed with no resoltuion. Mobile ios version. Saved logins do not prompt to populate saved login information on pages where login information has been saved in brave’s saved logins on sites with separated user and password pages. is an example. Not recognized by Brave as login pages and do not prompt to use saved logins for user.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Store your password information on . Then log out and return to the login page. No prompt is displayed to populate the account info that was saved. The prompt is only displayed once the ‘account name’ is keyed and submitted. Then on the next password page, Brave will see its a login and prompt for the password. It should have prompted to use the saved ‘account name’ too.
  2. All pages with separated user/password pages do not populate stored user account information in Brave

Expected result:
A prompt to populate login from Brave’s saved logins should be displayed on a login page. Brave doesn’t display any way to use the saved login user name, it has to be typed in. Safari sees that these are login pages and prompts to use saved login info, Brave does not.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
all Brave versions have had this problem
Mobile Device details
iphone 12 ios latest version
Additional Information:

replying to keep open

Apologies that your original post was auto-closed. Let me reach out to the iOS team about this. I do see that we have an open issue on our Github submitted that describes this:

I’ve added your report here to the above Github thread for developers to see and will reply when I have more information for you.

I’ve also edited the title of this thread to be shorter/easier to read.

This is an issue I encountered as well right when I switched password managers and blamed the password manager when it appears to be Brave related.

thank you! I was just checking back in on this after awhile and unfortunately I went past the 30 days so had to open another topic. Only happening where user/password pages are separated. Thanks.

@db98954f8a6e4d6ee1e3 @fedup,
So after discussing with the team, there are a few things to note about the autofill behavior:

  1. This mostly has to do with limitations iOS places on third party browsers. The observation that this only occurs on sites where user name/pw are separated is relevant. Safari has OS privileges that allow access to 3rd party pw managers here where other browsers aren’t afforded them. Note that, if not already known, for sites where login credentials are not separated, simply tapping the Passwords option that shows up above the keyboard when you enter the text field should bring up your third party pw manager for autofill (assuming permissions are given in (iOS) Settings --> Passwords --> Autofill
  2. That being said, passwords that are saved in Brave specifically should be autofilled for you upon landing on the site.

I believe that since this is an OS limitation that “fixing” this behavior is out of our hands at this time. I hope this clears some things up and I do apologize for the inconvenience regardless.

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