Saved bookmarks don't display in Bookmark Manager until I reload the webpage

Similar issue to the other I posted earlier today: 'Reopen All Tabs' worked only for some windows, not others

In this case, I add bookmarks on the Bookmark Manager screen and nothing displays.

The sequence:

  1. I open Bookmark Manager and right-click to save a bookmark I already have in the Clipboard.
  2. I save the bookmark but nothing appears on-screen.
  3. I repeat the process with another URL and the same happens.
  4. I open the actual webpage for the first bookmark.
  5. I start to save it using the Bookmark dropdown menu (instead of Bookmark Manager). It’s already displayed as I had saved it previously.
  6. I go back to the Bookmark Manager screen. I still don’t see either of the two bookmarks.
  7. I reload Bookmark Manager (i.e., the webpage).
  8. Now both bookmarks display.

I now see that I reported the same issue before (twice):

Please investigate. Thanks.

Brave Release version. Mac OS Mojave.

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