Save URL to Wayback Machine


The following FireFox extension allows one to save a web page to either Internet Archive’s Wayback machine or

It would be really useful to have something like this for Brave as well.

Better etc button and right click
Save url to

Hi @jvdk,

I see there’s “Wayback Machine” is listed and under investigation. See:

Is this cover your request?

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Hi @eljuno,

thanks, I hadn’t seen that. The plugin you’re referring to would be really useful to have, but it doesn’t include saving to (which is useful for websites that cannot be archived to Internet Archive, for example because of robots.txt). So I’d say it covers my request partially.

Having said that, the WayBack-only plugin also has functionality that the Firefox add-on doesn’t have (in particular retrieving archived versions from Internet Archive), which would be really great to have as well. So perhaps it might make sense to focus on the WayBack-only plugin and then maybe consider the combined plugin (i.e. the one in my opening post) at some later point.

Does this help?