Save password/login autofill after having declined it on accident?

Description of the issue:

I selected “don’t save” when I was offered to save the login/autofill password. This was an accident. I would like to save it so it’s autofilled whenever I want to log in. How can I change this? Do you only ever get one chance at this per website?

Mobile Device details

Thank you for reaching out. If you revisit the site, you should be prompted again to save the password.

Hi, thanks for the response.
I have the same exact problem but after I went back the website, it no longer prompts to save my password.

Is there a list of websites that I chose not to save passwords?

I am using iPad brave (the latest version as of 11/7/22)
Thank you.

Apologies for the late reply — can you tell me what site you’re seeing this behavior on? Additionally no, I do not believe that iOS has a list of “never saved” passwords the way there is on desktop (checking to confirm this).

I just now tried logging into a site for the first time on my iOS device and I was only given the options Save or Don't save (as opposed to Never save), so you should be prompted again as to whether or not you want to save a site password when you log out then log back in (unless you have the Save logins option toggled off).

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