Save page as... Text Files (* txt, * text)

Save page as … Ctrl+S, option text file
As in Firefox, Save page content text and bold and italic, and hyperlinks, and menus.
That is save core hypertext content as plain text UTF-8.
File name: somepagename.txt
Save as type: Text Files (* txt, * text)

  • automatically add .txt file extension
  • save text content of; header, body, footer, menus, frames, …
  • save hyperlinks in angle brackets <some-hyperlink-uri/url>
  • save text white space; tabs, carriage return, new line, …
  • save bold as * some-bold-text *
  • save italic as / some-italic-text /
  • save bold italic as /* some-bold-italic-text */
  • include absolute address of saved page <uri/url>
  • save tree menus indicating nesting; *, o, +, repeat as necessary
  • save tree menus indicating nesting; use white space to indicate indentation
  • save menu text and uri/url; some-menu-item-label-text <uri/url>

Additional advanced features might include

  • include encoding type selection; UTF-8, UTF-16,
  • convert menu absolute references to relative references
  • include image file name,
  • include image alt text,
  • include image uri/url

Work with W3C in regard to markup, html 5 encodings e.g. %2F as /
Work with IETF in regard to uri/url e.g. if there be as part of this conversion absolute path to relative path.
Work with other browser vendors for standard translation of html to txt